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Amber grew up in Australia, New Mexico, Brazil and Canada before finding herself in Los Angeles. Upon arrival in LA she fell in love with the historically-based, forward-looking healing power of different yogic postures, meditations and breathing techniques. She completed the Hatha and Kundalini mixed Teacher Training Program at Karuna Yoga in Los Feliz in the fall of 2007. Currently, she is expanding her yoga studies through the Yoga Therapy Rx Porgram at Loyola Marymont. She believes yoga allows her to breathe into the precious, transcendent parts of her body to allow her moments of calm, acceptance, inspiration and contentment. She is consistently awed and humbled by the gift of teaching yoga to others. She strives to provide a space for her students wherein they can breath and relax into the innate strength, stability and sacred silence that exists in their bodies and minds. Yoga aside, Amber has a degree in Art History from the University of British Columbia and she strives to read, watch, listen and tell stories as often as she can.