Corinne’s love for the arts started at the young age of three when she was enrolled in dance classes. Her education at such an early age in ballet, jazz, hula, salsa, mambo and modern dance, although was short-lived, enlighten a passion and love for performance. With a drive to entertain, she continued performing as an actor in theater, film and television mediums. Even though she was performing, a deep void still remained. When the opportunity to audition as a dancer/cheerleader for the Florida Titan Semi-Pro Football team presented itself, Corinne couldn’t pass up the chance. She performed for the team a full season and again ignited the dance fire from within. Corinne began performing in several music videos and dance clubs around Miami Beach. And later became an Exotic, Pole, Matt and Lap Dance instructor at several different studios in South Florida. “To be able to incorporate the things you love in life and do them all as a career, is the most rewarding experience. And the most satisfying feeling when teaching Exotic dancing is seeing the empowerment, confidence, sensuality, and self-esteem changes my clients endure.”