Heather has enjoyed participating in fitness classes of all kinds for twenty years. She loves to teach and incorporate kickboxing, power moves, interval and weight training using weights, balls, bands, steps, and your own body weight for resistance always set to energizing fun music that will make you want to move. She believes that exercising is and should always be fun so you will find yourself hungry to come back for more. In the last four years, Heather has lost and maintained a 95lb weight loss, changed her career from producing TV to sharing all forms of fitness and yoga, and most importantly found a sense of self-acceptance that she hopes will be contagious. From December 2007 to December 2008, she ran in four marathons, completing three. The physical, mental, and spiritual gifts of moving her body, with others, marrying movement with breath in yoga, have been innumerable and shifted every aspect of Heather’s life and world view for the better. Her goal and passion in life is to share these gifts with as many students as possible in an environment of joy, acceptance, non-judgement, and fun!