Juan Pablo Santana. He has entered the world of fitness with a new and innovative program: LATIN JAM™ Workout.
Born in Manizales, Colombia, JP started martial arts and dance at an early age, eventually creating, competing, and winning dance and fitness competitions regionally and nationally. This lad JP to the world championship aerobics competition in the states. Here, he continued his passion for combining dance, aerobics, and music into an inspiring new lifestyle of health and fun for all ages and fitness levels. In addition to teaching in studios and fitness centers across the US, JP worked with an international organization certifying over 800 instructors. JP has brought Latin Jam to Los Angeles and to Heartbeat House- our only class with incredible original dance music arranged specifically for your workout in mind!
The LATIN JAM™ Workout team is determined to train professional instructors and carry out its mission: to promote physical and mental health. JP states that “the main idea is to accredit trainers responsible to address the student body to optimize its status via a safe, effective and fun class.” JP Santana, has put his experience, passion and success in three words:
LATIN JAM™ Workout.