Dance Ethnologist, Kimberly Miguel Mullen, M.A., is an award winning DVD star who is gaining global recognition for her innovative approach towards crossing over cultural dance forms into main stream markets. Mullen’s DVD’s, Dance and Be Fit Brazilian Body, Lower Body Burn, and Abs Burns have been coined by Us Weekly, Celebs’ New Dance Workout and have earned such prestigious awards as Best Dance DVD 2009 by Health Magazine’s “American Healthiest Buy.” With a Master’s degree in dance from UCLA and international training experience in Brazil, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, and Puerto Rico , she makes a unique contribution to the field and spirit of dance ethnology. Her style embraces all genres of dance enabling her to work in both traditional and contemporary performance realms which performance and choreography credits include concert, theater, film and television. The Los Angeles Times calls Mullen, “spectacularly supple,” owing to her comprehensive mastery of the dance discipline.