Neil Born and raised in Alaska, Neil’s start in fitness was purely accidental. More into Chess club and comic book collecting growing up, he made it a point to avoid gym class as much as possible, and actually managed to avoid it the whole eighth grade year. Then in high school, the policy required him to take gym or play a sport. He chose a to join the wrestling team based on the fact that the sports season was shorter than a school year and the weight classes seemed easier. Needless to say he was horrible but was inspired to improve. He began training at a gym, asking questions and reading up. After two years he was hired on as a trainer at that same gym. By the time his senior year came around he was captain of the wrestling team and had won a local bodybuilding contest. From then on he has been a proud “fitness nerd” gaining a degree in Sports Medicine and continuing to learn and apply a variety of exercise principles. As a private trainer/instructor Neil has applied principles of and instructed in the styles of BOSU, Kick boxing (for fitness purposes), Sport specific S&C, PNF (assisted stretching), Core stability, Weight Loss. Not to mention, Neil is also a dance enthusiast learning Salsa, Cha-Cha, Merengue, East Coast Swing, Charleston,and some Ballroom. Neil’s philosophy is simple “nothing is impossible, and I’m going to prove it.”