Rahul MahantRahul
Rahul is from London and began his dancing career at the early age of 8, performing at local charity events and cultural shows. In this time, he was lucky enough to gain distinction in Modern and Classical Indian dancing from the reputable Honey’s Dance Academy. In 2002 he returned to dancing after a hiatus, and made a huge comeback with the GKT Diwali show corporation. With this company, he went on to perform at top venues such as Wembley Conference Centre, London Carling Apollo and Brixton Academy, performing to hit Bollywood songs such as “Chaiye Chaiye” and “Kambhat Ishq”. In 2004 he joined FlexFx productions where his choreographies were an instant success and helped the company become “best” in British/Asian entertainment, performing at high status events, such as the Zee Cine Awards. Rahul has been seen in big Bollywood blockbusters and videos for top-grossing Tamil hit songs where he has shared the screen with superstars of India. Rahul’s passion for dancing is immense – – he has been teaching for over 10 years and is eager to bring Bollywood to Hollywood with the help of other dedicated performers.