Toni & Cherith

cherith and toni
Toni is originally from Fresno, California and was always active in cheerleading, gymnastics. After graduating from both UCLA and USC and entering into the field of Accounting, she quickly felt the need to regain her passion for fitness in order to balance her professional life activity. Toni began taking classes at Heartbeat House as her New Year’s Resolution in 2008 and then soon became an instructor for Latin Jam Workout, working closely with JP Santana to promote the workout brand as well as participating in various performances and fitness events. Latin Jam helps her to keep in shape, as well as to keep focused in her every day career. “I am excited to help promote one of the best workout platforms I’ve come across, while at the same time having a blast. Hope to see you all in class!”

Cherith Spicer is a California native, who since childhood has expressed herself by being involved in many sports, dancing, theater and social activities. After spending a year and a half recuperating from a near fatal car accident Cherith returned to Los Angeles in 2008. Determined to prove the doctors wrong she came back to her love for dancing as a way to workout without concentrating on her limitations. She used dance to regain her strength, flexibility, and mobility. Her passion for the art of salsa, merengue, cumbia and music lead her to start training with JP Santana to become certified in Latin Jam. She is now teaching and has performed on Univision, College Campuses, and numerous Festivals. She is blessed to be able to have the ability to dance and move and believes that through faith and a lot of hard work anything is possible. She teaches with the goal that life should always be fun especially while you are dancing.