Veena Born with both an Indian and Arabic background, Veena grew up with Bollywood films and Bhangra dance/music. Famous with her twin sister, Neena, as “The Bellytwins,” they have been featured as special guest dancers, choreographers, and actresses on hundreds of national and international stages, films, TV shows, commercials and music videos. The twins are also the founders, artistic directors, choreographers and teachers of their own dance company, which specializes in dances of India and the Middle East. Their recent 2 hour live production of Hooray for Bollywood! received rave reviews from a sold-out audience and the media. The show is currently in negotiations for US, European, and Asian tours. Veena is a recipient of several acting, singing and dancing scholarships and awards, local and national. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre and Voice, and is a graduate of the Master of Fine Arts Degree program at UCLA. Aside from learning dances in Egypt and India, she also studied Mexican Folk Dance and Spanish at the University in Michúcan, Mexico. She speaks Hindi, Spanish, some Arabic and Farsi, and is fluent in sign language. As an actress, she has appeared on many feature films including Monkey Bone with Brendan Fraser, Scorpion King, From Dusk ‘til Dawn, and Freddy Got Fingered. She had recurring roles on Malcolm & Eddie, The Shield, and ER.