Activities for Kids in Los Angeles

Parents are challenged today more than ever trying to find activities for their kids. With the internet, cable TV and dozens of different devices (such as Gameboys, iPads, phones, etc), parents are struggling to find fun things for their kids to do to break the grip that digital media has on them.

In Los Angeles activities kids are distracted by are even more intense than other cities. With so many mega malls, amusement parks and other high-cost attractions, the search for quality recreation is magnified.

Thankfully, there is a solution — dance.

Movement is what kids need. They’re full of energy, bustling with life and eager to express themselves through their bodies. No matter how much the couch potato syndrome seems to have a hold on them, their inner nature craves movement and Heartbeat House has many opportunities to satisfy that craving.

From Kids Afro Funk Dance to Pre-Ballet, our unique Music with Jules to Creative Movement, Heartbeat House has unique dance/movement/music classes for parents eager to find activities for kids in Los Angeles.