Heartbeat House

“I just got out of the Dance For Your Life class with Alessia and just had to text you right away to say thank you thank you THANK YOU!!! Without tmi, I’m just going through some hard stuff and the class is just so life-affirming, it was just what I needed!” -Sarah (Silverlake)

“You all at Heartbeat House are providing such a valuable service to the community” -Anonymous

“I , frankly,am one of those folks who mostly have had to drag themselves to workouts over all the years I’ve been doing it!  No matter what form the workout is I do it because it’s good for me. I do it to stay healthy. I do it to be able to wear great clothes. But when  I started dancing at Heartbeat House I started little by little feeling differently. But over the last couple months something radical has happened…it’s called Hector & Eder! For me they are the best of the best! Now I actually look forward to class! Dancing with them makes me feel happy and on top of that  they offer an amazing workout. I’ve scheduled my clients around their class. I drag myself there at times I’ve never worked out before. If they taught more I’d be there more. Please do yourself a favor and join me — for the fast-paced, joyful, wonderfully rigorous dance workout of your life!”  -Dr. Nicki Monti

“To be a dancer. That’s all I really wanted growing up. I had a series of teachers who told me that my feet turn naturally in rather than out, my grace is questionable at best, and my devotion to the TV show FAME did not make me a dancer.

The teachers at HeartBeat house are way cooler. Now as an adult, I have found this studio to be a home away from home. A place where I can be joyful and not have to say a word because their language is about fun and passion. I may not do the moves perfectly but I can have the perfect attitude while doing them. Every week I can go around the globe in my belly dance, zumba, samba, and 80’s dance party classes. It gives me back something that I’ve loved all my life and I can see how all dance is connected to the heart.”  -Marlene
“I dare you – no, I double-DOG-dare you – not to smile whenRahul turns up the Bollywood jams and throws you into a state of pure cardiobliss in his Saturday/Sunday Bollywood dance classes. Come to think of it, I’venever been to a class at Heartbeat House that doesn’t make me smile, laugh,giggle, or feel great at some point – even through the sweat and the burn! Likesome other HH devotees I’ve talked to, many of us come here when we can’t standsomething – whether it’s the state of our thighs, or the state of our lives. Wecome here to enjoy moving our bodies, to experience comraderie (notcompetition) and to remind ourselves not to take life too seriously (how canyou when you’re learning Zumba for the first time?). I love this placebecause it gives me new perspective and I can always use some of that. I leavesweaty, smiling, and a little lighter all over. I love Heartbeat House!”

-Brooke R.

“Before I started dancing at Heartbeat House, I had gotten to a really isolated, bummed out, dark place.  I was feeling crappy about my body, my friends, my job…my life.  I had allowed myself to become lazy, in pretty much every way, and consequently I’d forgotten most of what was good in my world.  I’d reached a point where it was imperative that I find something — some activity to occupy my time and energy and bring some positive focus back to my life.

“That’s when I stumbled across Heartbeat House — at exactly the moment I needed it most.  From the first class I attended, I managed to escape my own head, my judgment of myself…to just let go, and have an amazing time.  I hadn’t sweat that much, had that much fun, wanted to cry so much (in a good way), or felt that alive in…too long.  I left the studio that night feeling 1000 pounds lighter, in every way.  Over the last 6 months, Yoga Booty Ballet has actively changed my life for the better.  It brings me so much joy, and a sense that I’m finally doing something good, not just for my body, but for my whole soul.  I’m eating better, remembering to be grateful, and finding peace even on the most stressful of days.  Knowing I have a friendly place to dance and sweat my way through whatever challenges life brings is invaluable, and makes it so much easier to focus on the positive things, people, and experiences I have to be thankful for.  For that, I am deeply grateful to Heartbeat House.”


“I consider myself a veteran of Heartbeat House because I’ve been taking classes here since the studio was open in 2005.     Since I was a child, I was mesmerized by flamenco, but it wasn’t until I came to Heartbeat House that I took my first flamenco class. And oh boy, what a class it was! I knew that Angelita was one of the best flamenco dancers in LA, and her class was just as intimidating as it was fascinating. I didn’t give up, I stayed. Sometimes we have a guitarist playing in our class, which makes it even more authentic.  Now we have an annual performance that all the students in intermediate and beginner’s classes can participate in. It’s very exciting!

“A couple of years ago I fell in love with zumba after seeing it at Heartbeat House’s Christmas party. Back then we’ve had only two zumba instructors: Shawnee and J.P. – and they both were wonderful! I got addicted to Shawnee’s class, because she would break down the steps for us and make me move muscles I never knew existed.     Today we have the choice of Augustin, Michael, Marisa and of course, Shawnee, for zumba. Augustin was subbing for Shawnee once, we loved him – he stayed! Now he has class of his own. We also have JP, Tony and Harah for Latin jam. I don’t know any other dance studio that has so many great instructors!

” I have been taking classes for seven years now at Heartbeat House. There are very few classes that I have not taken at some point. I absolutely love Oceana with her amazing positive energy, Fransini with sexy flair in any dance, Antonio with his dedication to the dance and masculine grace, Jasmine for unorthodox take on beautiful dance, and Rebekkah for her calming tranquility . . . Some of the studio employees commented that I spent more time in the studio than they do. It’s true! I find Friedrich Nietzsche formidable, and truly believe that every day is lost if we have not danced at least once. So I’m trying not to lose them!”

-Bella Dadivanian

“Heartbeat House is very generous to provide affordable community Yoga with wonderful teachers everyday. A real service for our neighborhood yoga lovers! Many Thanks!”
-Leslie Baker

“I always wanted to dance but was too embarrassed to go to a dance studio in fear that I wasn’t good enough. What I love about HeartBeat House is the range in experience, ability, and age. It is FUN, not discouraging!!” – Cherith- Silverlake, CA

“Dancing at Heartbeat House is a fun, nonjudgmental way to have fun and burn calories at the same time.” – Nichole

“I started going to Heartbeathouse for Bollywood and was hooked in by their $5 special for new students.

“Now I take Bollywood, Samba, Salsa, African, Soul etc. It’s super fun. Its awesome cardio. The people are super nice. I recommend this place to everyone.” – Josh

“One of the great things about living in LA is access to some of the best dance teachers in the world. The Heartbeat House teachers are all super friendly, entertaining and inspirational.”

“JP offers the most challenging cardio workout, but his class is so much fun that you don’t even notice he’s kicking your ass.”

“Doris (African Dance) is great at teaching body isolations. Her moves are so energetic that they’re intimidating until you give them a try, and then you learn that they’re just super fun.”

“Fransini jokes that her Samba class is 10,000 calories in one hour – I believe her. She is great at breaking down complex steps and offering personal instruction. Her Carnival Dance Party class is also an amazing workout.”

“Veena’s class is a real treasure; not only is it a chance to learn Bollywood dancing from a real Bollywood star, she also leads you through intense strength and conditioning training.”

“Kumbi is an awesome yoga teacher, she does a great job of aligning the breathing with the movements. It makes her class both super relaxing and a great workout.” – Josh

“It’s rare to find a place where you can dance and are not judged. The Heartbeat House is genuinely a comfortable, friendly place to express yourself through dance and get in shape while having fun. The staff and teachers are so friendly I always forget that it’s exercise. It feels much more like play. ” – Aprill Winney